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Story Studio

Video Storytelling for Business and Organizations

Story Studio creates short, meaningful videos that define who you are and what you're about. 

These 1 to 2 minute videos build trust by defining the core value that drives your enterprise.

Whether you are on-boarding employees, speaking with a group of your peers, or welcoming visitors to your website, a Story Studio video quickly and effectively separates you from the pack.

The Journey of a Single Drop

We asked Art Daniel, President-elect of the Associated General Contractors of America, to discuss water and Texas' future.

May You Live in Interesting Times

For H2O4 Texas we asked prominent Texans to reflect on the true value of water.  Greg Meszaros, Director, Austin Water, discusses the Panic-Apathy Cycles of implementing a long-term water plan. 

Helping People Survive the Day

For the "Police Chaplain Project" we invited Chaplain Andy Toopes, one of the country's top police chaplains, to define the core value of chaplaincy.

The Innovator

Mark de L. Thompson, CEO, Dialog and Co-Founder, Panarchy, helps businesses catch the waves of disruptive technology.

A Moment of Clarity

For the Archive of American Law Enforcement, Dep. Sheriff Bobby Duval finds a moment of grace amid the carnage of 9/11. 

Out of War, Redemption and Renewal

Master Chaplain Rick Bulman shares how to transformed the horrors of Vietnam into a source of spiritual depth in his work with emergency responders.

Turning the Boat

State Representative Jim Keffer, Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, urges us to teasure water.

My Credo

Chief Tom Clemons speaks to young people about the guiding principle he has lived by.  Created for the Junior Police Academy, a program to inspire young citizens.

Mark Updegrove

Fort Stockton

The Inspiration

Thomas Visco, Co-Founder of Glasshouse Policy, the inspiration that lead to his public policy efforts.

I owe my parents something.

Good for the Soul